Swaying eucalyptus, lovely roads, sweet little eateries, small kitschy market places, and cafes that serve your favourite continental food at unbelievably low prices, the serenity of Old Manali is only disturbed by twittering birds and the sound of the gushing waters of the Kullu River.

Describing It

If Himachal were the queen of all hill stations, Manali would undoubtedly have been its tiara.

At the far northern end of the Kullu Valley lies this poetic tourist town called Manali. Crowned atop the scenic mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is comfortably nestled at a height of well above 2000 metres, and is one of the choicest holiday destinations in North India.

As you levitate yourself to the holistic highs of Himachal via the mystic serpentine roads, the uphill drive seems like an indulgent experience in itself. Though approaching Manali may seem like a bit of an anti-climax after the scenic drive up, the surrounding area of Old Manali is bound to leave you astounded by its sheer natural beauty. Scenic hills dressed in lush green attire, spellbinding valleys scented with the smell of pines and the trout-filled Beas River gurgling down the mountains; all of them complement each other in the perfect manner to create the magical realm of Manali.

Drawing swarms of wandering wayfarers from all around the country (and the world), Manali, which is now a prominent tourist town came up as a business route to Ladakh and further beyond. So be it family, friends, that special someone, or all alone, Manali has something for everyone.

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